Meshico group is a group of restaurants newly opened within Dubai with the tag line The Soul of Mexico.

The three restaurants are in prestigious locations across Dubai:
Puerto 99 Bluewaters - Overlooking Dubai Marina and JBR skyline
Meshico The Point, The Palm Jumeirah, overlooking Atlantis the Palm
Tulum, Dubai Mall - Overlooking the Dubai Fountains

The restaurants are vibrant, authentic, original and unique. Each with their own lively bar area with Live DJs, Moving Heads, Top of the range audio system from Martin Audio UK, powered by Powersoft amplifiers.

The client has seen table mapping with shows being played across the table and upon the plates before in other countries. He found the concept mesmerising and beautiful and wanted to create his own show following the ideas of his Brand, the spirits and the Soul of Mexico. A table mapping show is a huge expense in terms of content and equipment for a 3 minute video. 

So why stop there. Pulse Middle East was brought in to expand the experience, create a journey and allow interactivity with the table.


Joe Chidiac (Pulse’s Managing Partner) and Greg Brown (Pulse’s Operations Director) set to work drawing up plans how the mapping can become unique and allow for a simple guest interactive experience.The first step was finding a solution where a mobile device could control the lights, the sound, the projection all in one. This solution needed to be elegant, simple and be completely designable and customisable. Pixilab Blocks offered Pulse the ultimate solution. Admin tablets control the tables and the phases of the journey as well as writing live text upon the table at any time. User control of individual places using individual tablets locked to the position the guest is sitting to have guest interactivity with the menu. 


Browse the menu at your leisure with a specially designed animated menu panel, and then select a dish to magically, instantly see the dish appear projected upon your very own plate; at the same time as up-to 12 people on the same table are all seeing their own selection appear in-front of them.

Admin control panels allow for setting of the audio system from Blocks to Symetrix, lighting DMX systems from Blocks to Visual Productions, House lighting systems from Blocks to KNX devices. Messages are sent using TCP and UDP drivers to link and integrate all systems. Push the button to start the show, watch the video loop, house lighting, DJ music all fade and the show begin within the new ambience. Control panels created within Blocks, specially customised with CSS to fit the design and style of the restaurant.

One table seating upto 12 people at 4.5m long and 1.4m wide requires a 3 projectorion blend to create an image. Pixilab Blocks seamlessly integrates with Dataton's Watchout to provide a multi display output to the system creating a beautiful image across this huge table. Interaction comes with the help of a Blocks spot sending NDI video into Watchout to add the additional elements.

Meshico are ecstatic about creating this first of a kind guest experience to their customers. Upon pre-booking,  content can be customised for a guest for special occasions including posting personalised photos upon the table. We are excited to witness many birthday, anniversaries and marriage proposal using this unique and beautiful dining experience.