4 benefits of a good Sound System and LED screens in the Education Sector:

In the past decade, the education sector has seen a big change around the world. Modern day schools have eliminated chalkboards and infinite books and notebooks and replaced them with more and more interactive technology. Sound systems and LED screens can be a great added value to the technological investments schools are making and a bonus for creating a school spirit for extra curricular activities. Schools interested in getting a new audio/LED system or updating their existing systems should take these 4 things into consideration:

1- Classroom Systems:

Bigger halls and classrooms speakers are beneficial to the children’s understanding of a course as a clear and surround system can insure communicated material is properly heard. Another feature is to record and played back the lessons learned at home when kids are doing homework or studying for their big exams. An interactive LED screen makes learning fun and gives teachers more ways to getting the message across by allowing the visual aspect to further the explanation.

2- Theatre Systems:

Schools that do have a PA system, most likely have it in their theaters. Be it an assembly, lecture, play or musical, sound systems are an essential tool for the success of the any on stage activity. Without audio, no-one would be able to hear the message being conveyed. And on another note, a bad PA system can effect the performance of the conveyer and distract the attention of the audience. LED screens on stage can emphasize the points in a lecture or assembly and add the ability to put visual enhancements on stage, making sure everyone has a grasp of the given message.

3- Unified Network:

A PA and LED screen system can simply spread the news faster. Any information that needs to circulated amongst kids and teachers can be put up on screens in hallways and classrooms and principals can control the messages played on the speakers throughout the entirety of the school once all the audio-visual equipment are installed and put on a unified network. Everything becomes accessible through the click of a button on a phone or a pad.

4- Extra curricular:

Many activities can be taught through audio and screens and these systems create an opportunity for kids to learn a new skillset. Many new ideas and interests can emerge out of this, such as filmmaking, graphic design or music production amongst many others.

School needs to greatly re-think the importance of technology on education, kids these days are more and more attached to their screens so why not appeal to them through it? Pulse Middle East can help interested schools in designing a curated solution to their space and needs.