7 reasons why LED Screens are an essential investment.

With modern technology in the Audiovisual world, investing in a LED screen has become much cheaper and more reliable than ever. Indoor or outdoor digital signage allow business owners to create interesting visuals, spreads information and adverts. It becomes a platform on its own and saves money on media buying.

The whole world is turning digital and here are 7 reasons why LED screens are the way to go:

Ease of use: Digital signage screens are easy to setup and can serve many purposes. It allows you, through an app and its software, to create the motion graphics that attract passers by or in store customers, with no graphic design knowledge needed.

Content Control: Not only are LED screens easy to use but information/adverts placed on them can easily be replaced or updated and replicated to be used elsewhere. This means no more billboards contracts, limited time-frames and wasted media budgets. In fact, replicating the same or a similar message on many digital signages across branches, outdoor or indoor spaces and even throughout the stores, will help create a consistent brand identity that will be stuck in shoppers mind. It is also worth mentioning that traditional static ads are less appealing than the dynamic motion permitted on the digital platforms.

Weather Resistance: it is important to note, for countries in the GCC, that modern technological advances have made LED screens fully functional digital platforms, come rain or shine. Innovative methods have rendered them completely usable through any weather, indoor or outdoor.

Low Maintenance: Once installed, an LED screen does not need much technical attention. It is highly unlikely that any error may occur and in the rare case where it happens, a software update or a bulb module replacement can get you back on track. In fact, even in those instances, the screen can still be partially functional, guaranteeing the minimum amount of trouble for business owners.

Low Energy Consumption: Going green is a part of most companies’ strive towards a sustainable future. Digital signage helps vastly in this area as their eco-friendly nature assures a minimum amount of energy consumption. Even if left on 24/7, they still consume less energy than an average projector would.

Cost Efficiency: A few of the ways a LED screens saves money and promises a higher sales margin are saving up on both electrical bills and repair costs, which also is a token to its hassle free nature. Another way it saves funds is by getting rid of advertising costs such as billboards rentals or paid airtime- which can substantially set back a budget. While saving money for investors, digital signage does not compromise brand awareness and visibility but on the contrary, it creates a more relevant marketing technic.

LED displays have benefited the hospitality industry, retail chain stores and major corporations, to mention a few. It is uncommon, nowadays, to go into a prominent venue, around the world, and not find a massive LED screen. Their ease of use, multifunctional aspect and low maintenance make them a foolproof investment that promises to generate higher sales.

Pulse Middle East is an Audiovisual company in Dubai that specializes in digital signage solutions and can help consult, design and integrate a LED screen into your existing network or space. Get in touch with Pulse now and benefit from the advice of an industry professional.

World's largest OLED Screen at the Dubai Mall

Transparent Mesh Screen that mirrors the interactive screen at the store entrance. American Rag Cie, the Dubai Mall