Audiovisual and lighting offering retailers what they can’t sell online.

Consumer behavior changes with each generation and in the past decade, the world’s obsession with online has skyrocketed. Retail has been affected by this massively, and the solutions most are finding is delivering in-store experiences. Many studies have shown that modern spending habits depend more on experience, convenience and brand’s culture rather than the product itself. The solution to this struggle is simple yet- not the first thing that comes to mind: Audiovisual and lighting. Audiovisual and lighting are beneficial to any industry seeking to keep up with technological advances and even, for some industries it is an indispensable operational tool but when it comes to retailers facing many challenges, here are 4 ways AVL can facelift the in-store module.

1- Information spreading:

The thing about the internet is, it’s fast and convenient; so why not connect it to a big screen in store and get all the hype live? A screen can become a live information vessel, wether its brand visuals, a new advert, discounts or product tutorials, retailers can share with their customers all the important information they post on social media or their websites and bonus, they can get a live reaction to their efforts. Technology creates infinite possibilities and while information can be acquired anywhere what’s the thing that makes it interesting in store?

2- Interactivity:

Spreading information is definitely important for staying relevant but interactivity is what engages audience and captures their attention. Communicating personalized messages and targeting the customer currently in store is one of the ways live screens trumps online algorithms. Virtual Reality is another; trying on clothes without the hassle of going into dressing rooms gives shopping a convenient, faster approach. One of the biggest sporting goods brands, installed a huge wall mounted LED screen, a VR set and a treadmill, which gave its’ clients the opportunity to test out the shoes before even stepping out of the store. Footfall and sales grew with the small investment because they offered an experience that is both informative and entertaining.

3- Entertainment:

Audiovisual and lighting if anything are entertaining, they can create mesmerizing shows, feature thousands of creative content and uncover a world of activities that can boost a shops’ reputation and generate more leads. With so much emphasis placed on experience, wether a retailer invests in a good sound system and associates their brand with a music genre/culture or goes all out with VR and screens, entertainment is guaranteed with audiovisual and lighting.

4- Training:

A very important overlooked aspect of marketing and sales for any retailer is their staff. Staff members have the power to make or break an experience, general attitude, brand/product knowledge and helpfulness all play factors and audiovisual and lighting equipment can serve immensely for training staff members as well as taking a load off of them.

Audiovisual and lighting in retail shops play a huge role. With the world leaning more and more on technology, everything will eventually be linked to a screen. Business modules across all industries have changed vastly in the last couple of decades and continue to do so daily, which is why retails that are looking towards investing in the future should do so today.

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