Audiovisual integration: Making hospitality more hospitable

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest and fastest expanding industries in the GCC countries.The need for all the chains to stay competitive is continuously growing in order to offer the premium luxury tourism the region is known for around the world. Many hotels are turning to audiovisual and lighting companies to stand out from the pack, creating in the process an easy and entertaining stay for their guests. There are infinite possibilities to what audiovisual can offer the hospitality industry if they are looking to be unique, impressive and user friendly.

Each AV system can be vastly different depending on the requirements of the client. In the hospitality industry, each hotel offers a completely different experience to its clientele and markets itself according to a specific brand image and style. To accommodate these differences, system integrator design a unique, custom made solution for each of its clients. With each potential difference, a completely different outcome can emerge.

Setting your business apart from the rest is essential and in the hospitality industry to properly distinguish yourself, you must continuously provide your clients with an out of this world experience from the moment they step foot onto the property up until they check out. Audiovisual and lighting integration is a key element in this distinction, as more and more guests today, expect to be wowed by the technologies their accommodator offers. The evolving nature of technology allows hotels to keep providing an element of surprise. Imagine checking into a hotel and being able to control all audiovisual and screens in your room from one app. As simple as it seems, it’s an impressive addition. Although in-room technology and entertainment are not the main factor guests base their bookings on, it can be a source of satisfaction that turns first timers into recurrent clientele.

The main goal in any industry is to engage their customers, and with the modern changes to the hospitality industry, audiovisual and lighting are become a major link between business owners and clients. Mostly video displays, audio and lighting equipment are of interest to this industry in particular, since they allow for a huge potential of interactivity.

It should be noted that end users can be tricky to please, while adding speakers can fill the silence and overshadow the white noises, it can also be disturbing if the speaker performance is wrong for the space or the settings are not accurate, or imagine installing a huge interactive screen in the main lobby of a hotel and having half of it blank out! These mistakes can be crucial to the experience guests have, which is why a professional audiovisual integration company should consult on the specific solution for every need. They will take the time to carefully study the exact needs of the client and propose a complete solution designed for the best outcome.

Pulse Middle East is an audiovisual company in Dubai and catering to the region and around the world. The breadth of experience in working across all industries for a multitude of years, has given the team at Pulse the confidence to consult, design, install and integrate the best solutions for the hospitality industry.