Retail Trends and AV integration

Updated: May 1, 2019

The retail industry is one of the fastest paced businesses in the world. The need to keep up with market trends is reflected in how the sales model works. A while back, the biggest trend was going online and building an e-commerce website where buyers could shop from the comfort of their own homes. This past decade has seen yet another massive change for the industry as the shift from online to concept stores emerged.

A concept store is a shop designed to give customers an immersive experience; different products, sometimes unrelated, are offered and displayed in a well decorated setting all following a common theme. The aim is for the wanderers to come into the shop and spend the most time possible inside. And in turn, by spending time, buy the offered products.

To achieve this, many shops have incorporated very specific services to attract a large audience, however, what all concept stores have in common are the use of professional Audio-visual, Lighting and Media Facades. This technology is known to transform any room and set the mood of any designed space, though in concept stores specifically, it is not only used for the above reasons but to boost sales as well.

Many different uses can come of installing Professional AV and Media facades, of them:

1- DJ Booth:

A DJ booth allows events to take place inside the shop, most notably: store opening, launching of new collections, designer collaborations, art exhibitions, workshops and so much more…

2- Audio-visual and Lighting:

A professional AV and Lighting system is essential for setting the right mood for any in store event, for shifting shopper attention to specific items or for simply elevating day to day experience. If a store lacks the proper lighting, items will not be as desirable to buyers, and if there is no music to build the identity, the concept, shop owners are setting, will not be translated to the clientele.

3- Media Facades:

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the list, Media Facades are found nowadays in almost every shop, concept store or not. This technology has proven to be one of the most effective ways to attract shoppers to generate a bigger sale. Some stores display their items in stylized professional shoots creating a big attractive display of their products, others, use it to inform shoppers of discounts, new arrivals, new brands, another shop location, in store events and many other valuable information.

Opening up any type of retail store today would need an AV, Lighting and media façade integration. All it takes is a small, easy to manage, investment from shop owners to achieve bigger sales margins.

Pulse Middle East is an AV company in Dubai, with years of experience as the leading AV integrators in the region. Which is why, Pulse Middle East is the go-to for all things AV and Media Facade. The team can provide in depth design ideas, technological knowledge and professional installation of the best products for any concept or space. They take on any retail project and elevate it to reach the owner’s vision for the store.

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