Sound Systems for Luxury Hotels.

A good sound system can enhance the experience in a resort tremendously. Although sometimes overlooked or underrated, audio plays a huge role in infusing tranquility and a sense calm into guests and can equally turn it up if needed. It serves a variety of purposes and is the essential element for entertainment.

When looking for a good, reliable and long lasting audio system, audio companies in Dubai and around the world offer designs, installations and integration that best suit your hotel needs, offering your guests the best auditory experience.

A great example of how an audio system can benefit the overall experience your hotel offers would be Kudadoo Private Island Maldives. Voted as the best luxury hotel in the world 2019, Kudadoo is a sustainable high end resort on a private island in the Maldives. It offers premium luxury stays in 15 villas on top of the Indian ocean, all connected in a circular shape around the main private island. Solar powered with panels incorporated into the hotel's design.

Pulse Middle East, audiovisual integration company in Dubai, was behind the design and install of the sound system for the resort. Joe chidiac, Managing Director at Pulse said: "Our initial thought after we were first briefed and went out to the island was that it had to be able to instill a relaxation feeling in the guests in most areas and to crank up in others, all while being accommodating to band needs and special occasions."

A big challenge for the team at Pulse Middle East was that this project is on a remote island. Best said by Andy Morris, head of Audio: "This installation was very special, since the location in itself is extremely particular- and breath taking. Due to the nature and surrounding waterbody, many measures had to be taken in order for us to complete everything on time and have a lasting result."

The installation of the multi-zoned system was set at 3 days only! and so, the work began.

According to Joe Chidiac: "Powersoft was a no brainer for this project, aside from all the technical benefits the brand provides, its green technology and low power consumption were essential for a sustainable island."

The luxury getaway was equipped through a fully digital Dante networked audio system connected with a remotely accessible PC server. This feature gave the team at Pulse Middle East control over the system, right from their offices in Dubai, allowing them to conduct upgrades, maintenance and reprogramming. The Dante Virtual Soundcard also serves for background music playback by Music Concierge, transmitting 6 different zones of bespoke music playlist into the system.

"A cool feature is the automation system allowing operations to be as intuitive as possible. As soon as a band starts playing, for example, the background music automatically fades out, and after the band finishes playing the music gradually fades back completely automatically.​" said Andy Morris.

A good audio system inevitably elevates auditory experiences. Pulse Middle East have a deep understanding in this field and are jam packed with experience working with the best products available in the marketing and the biggest clients around the world.

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