The audiovisual & lighting integration process explained.

What is audiovisual and lighting Integration?

This common term used frequently across different industries still causes confusion to many people and even some of those who have dealt with it.

So, What is it- Simply put, system integration is a unified system in which different hardware are interconnected via a communication path and work together through different softwares all in order to give the end user a simplified control interface.

Observing the audiovisual and lighting setups in hotels, retail shops, restaurants and bars amongst others is a perfect example to explain system integration; managers of such establishments, who have no formal AV training, are able to operate the equipment installed easily, this is because after all the hard technical work is done, integrators install an app on the managers' tablets that controls the sound, screens and the lighting, all from the push of a button. For big shows and performances, a professional operator who can get the best use out of the installed equipment, is still advisable, however choosing to implement an integrated system in a space reduces the cost of technical personnel and renders day to day operations much more simple.

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