Wavehouse: the miniature theme park at the heart of Atlantis the Palm Resort Dubai

Wavehouse is a multifunctional hall that opened its doors in Atlantis the Palm Resort Dubai on January 31st, 2019! Unlike anything you've seen before, Wavehouse is hard to describe as one thing. It boasts in its 2 story space a restaurant, a bar, 2 lounge areas and 2 stages (outdoor and indoor), a bowling alley, kid's play area, an arcade room, projection room and a wave simulation pool for an authentic surfing experience.

Solutions Leisure hospitality group operates wavehouse and as they have worked with Pulse Middle East on so many of their other venues, the later was trusted to design, install and deliver the whole audio system in 3 months.

The sound team at Pulse headed by Joe Chidiac, managing director, tackled the huge space by dividing it into 11 zones for power and volume and 25 subzones for control. The zones were separated according to area function and what would be needed of the system in that function. This gave the operator the ability to easily monitor, access and control the speakers in each zone individually.

Due to Super matrix connecting all inputs and outputs together, operators also have the choice of making the sound focal or surround depending on the event taking place at the venue.

Dante is what makes the whole network what the team at Pulse call "future proof", through two network switches it allowed the use of any input with any output throughout, the entire Atlantis Hotel.

108 speakers and subwoofers spread out across the venue to give the desired crystal clear sound. All from TW AUDiO and dotted around the system outside were some Martin Audio speakers. This massive number was carefully selected by Pulse due to their compact size, high performance, low distortion and cost efficiency. It can be quiet challenging controlling this large amount, which is why the new Armonia + by Powersoft was a key feature in this installation and an indispensable tool. It provides the integrators a clear map of the speakers and ease of access and in addition allows them to monitor and modify the speakers, create presets depending on speaker brands in order to identify technical issues with the live impedance sound.

The amplifiers used were also from Powersoft, X series were used for the higher power areas such as Bar, Lounge and Stage area and the Quattrocanali were used for the areas that mostly required BGM like the kids area, arcade, restaurant and bowling alley.

To power this whole system and reduce cable runs, two AV rooms control the whole venue. Powersoft Racks are setup near desks that have the Midas M32 console and TW speakers to monitor and control everything.

Wavehouse is an incredible space filled with family fun activities. This large venue needed the proper customized system specifically designed for it in order to keep the standard delivered by operators Solutions Leisure. Pulse Middle East carefully studied the project from beginning till delivery in order to keep the trust instilled in them and provide a sound system worthy of the grandeur of this space.

The many benefits of having an integrated sound system are clear in the ease of control and the overall outcome of this venue.