SIG Combibloc : 

Case Study

Pulse Middle East was approached by Brand Lounge to transform SIG Combibloc's ground floor office into a digitally driven space. By using numerous technologies, our Pulse team was able to create a seamless interaction between touchscreen, tablets, mobiles, LED screens, TVs and computer systems around the venue. Within the exhibition center, the SIG staff can digitally interact with customers through multiple presentations, videos, websites, leaflets, touch and feel areas, virtual reality stations, large cinematic display walls, and a space to truly showcase their business.

Building around innovation

Technology installation and integration

SIG Combibloc is a world leading system supplier with unique technology and innovation for operating smart factories specialized in carton packaging and filling machines. Its mission is built around innovation with alternative to plastic straws and special new generation of on-the-go packaging, digital monitoring and control solutions for manufacturers to overcome today’s operational challenges.

To achieve a seamless integration at the SIG exhibition center, our Pulse team installed these multimedia solutions:

  • A 12-sqm Vision P2.6 LED screen

  • Nearly 30 screens with innovative control Pixilab Blocks:

    • Mobile guide

    • Webserver

    • Media Center

  • A 42-inch ELO touch screen

  • Up to 30 iPads

  • A sound system 

This interactive setup successfully enabled the SIG staff to showcase their products while allowing guests to walk around the exhibition center, control the screen from a tablet or their own mobile phones, and play videos, audio and presentations with the ability to navigate through presentation slides.

Introducing Pixilab Blocks

PixiLab Blocks is a new software that incorporates what would usually be four different products. It brings together Display Management, Control Systems, Interactive Presentations and Mobile Guides. With this special project, our Pulse team used the four products in a unique way to get the end results SIG required within their innovation center.

Great innovation, simple solutions

SIG is enjoying the space to showcase their products and work. They love the versatility and simplicity of the system where employees can simply pick up a control panel and have access to all of their content to show off as they walk around the room. Overall, the customers are wowed by our team's innovations, technologies and the professionalism and simplicity of the system installed.

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Overcoming challenges


In addition, Pulse was on a race against time to complete this project to showcase at the GulfFood Manufacturing. With a team of four programmers working day and night and SIG providing last-minute changes to their presentations, Pulse managed to pull it off and have everything ready and reliable days before the event.